The Smell of Reeves & Mortimer 


BBC2 12×30 1993-94 Sketch Show

Switching from C4 to BBC2, Vic and Bob continued to mix anarchy and surrealism, much as before, delighting their loyal following. The studio-set featured the huge letters ‘R’ and ‘M’ and various columns, and once again there was a desk, from which the pair launched many of the skits. This series introduced new characters, including the bra-wearing men Pat Wright and Dave Arrowsmith; awful folk duo Mulligan and O’Hare; flatulent farceurs the Petomanes; and the Max Wall-ish Uncle Peter, played by Charlie Chuck. Among the many other highlights were occasional visits with Slade, the 1970s glam-rock group, brilliantly imitated by Reeves, Mortimer, Paul Whitehouse and Mark Williams. It is regarded by many as the pinnacle of their TV work to date.

The Smell Of Reeves and Mortimer