Sustainability Policy

Dear All,

Firstly, a big welcome to Channel X!

We’re really looking forward to working with you all. This is just a short note to let you know that we’re going ‘green’ as much as possible this year. Not in a “you wouldn’t like us when we’re angry” way… but in a much friendlier lets try and look after our planet by promoting sustainability actions kind of way…

Here’s how we can all help

We’ll be measuring our carbon footprint for most productions. For tips and advice you can visit BAFTA’s Albert page, which contains a carbon calculator specifically designed for TV production and a whole host of tips and suppliers who promote sustainability –

Wherever possible we will be operating as a paperless production – particularly in regards to call sheets and scripts. Everything will be emailed, but please let production know if you want printed copies and how you want them. The most eco is double sided and A5. Please return used paperwork for confidential shredding and recycling. Albert can recommend apps for viewing and even annotating scripts.

We’re eliminating burning DVDs and using couriers for casting tapes and edits – instead we’re uploading to sites such as Vimeo, Dropbox, or Wetransfer. 

We’re also trying to eliminate any disposable food and drink containers on set. To that end, instead of using disposable cups or bottles, we’ll issue individual plastic or aluminium water bottles and there will be water boxes on set. 

Moving forward we’ll be working with caterers that have their own sustainability policies in place. Wherever possible providing china plates and bowls and metal cutlery rather than using plastic items. If you’d prefer your food to be portable, they will source paper, and therefore recyclable, food boxes. Any cups provided will also be paper and recyclable, rather than polystyrene, or avoided wherever possible. There will be recycling bins on set at all times.

If you can car-share, please do. Also, with so many of our locations centrally based, do consider using public transport rather than your own cars. The nearest tube stop or station is always on the movement order (it may well be the fastest way to set). We will aim for location and unit cars to be hybrids and we will use cycle couriers over vehicles wherever possible.

Please do have a think about how you and your department can engage with sustainability, or please visit the Albert website for plenty of tips and case studies, and report back to your Production Team. Some examples include:

  • Please resource materials responsibly – use FSC wood and paper and eco products where possible.
  • Source local power rather than using diesel generators.
  • Use rechargeable batteries.
  • Use LED lights and low energy light panels where appropriate.

These are just a few examples of how we can reduce our carbon footprint, as even on a comedy production, sustainability is no joke… (sorry!).

If you have any other ideas for reducing our carbon footprint please do let us know as we’d be really interested to hear them.

Many Thanks